5 Do’s And Don’ts For Successful Advertising

There are already a lot of rules when it comes to constructing an advertisement. Rules set by the Advertising Standard Bureau (ASB) and by the companies who commission the creation of an advertisement. On top of all this, there are some basic guidelines which serve as a basic rule of thumb to ensure your ad is not a complete waste of time and money.

Let’s start with the don’ts first and get all of that negativity out of the way.

Don’t be a copycat

Plagiarising or copying a competitor’s idea or style is a big no-no and will only lower your credibility in the eyes of your consumers. Nobody likes a copycat and companies almost always get caught out and suffer a loss of respect as a consequence. Always be original and craft your own unique idea which sets you apart from the herd and tells your own story.

Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk

Your audience will take your every word literally, so don’t puff out your chest and promise a number of guarantees if you’re not actually in a position to support your claims. Brands with misleading or deceitful advertisements are not only susceptible to a decline in customer trust, but are also liable to be slammed by the ASB with punishments that go beyond a mere fine.

Don’t neglect the rest of your image

A lot of companies invest heavily in their advertising campaigns, but can sometimes overlook the rest of their brand image such as their website, phone app, logo etc. Advertisements help to establish a particular image around your brand and you want this vibe to be consistent across your company. This could be as simple as aligning the use of your colours, fonts, logo design, images, etc – or could involve your company motto, tag line and tone of writing. You want to remain recognisable and distinguished from the competition.

Do target research – a lot of it!

If you only have a limited budget, invest a portion of it in conducting some quantitative or qualitative research on your target audience. Narrowing down your intended segment will grant you greater creative control on how to focus your campaign and avoid wasting money on an unsuccessful ad. Many companies try to saturate the general public with a comprehensive campaign, when specific, more targeted ads allow for a more tangible return.

Do the unexpected

Much like the first rule, not only do you want to be different to the competition, you want to be bold and have the courage to surprise your audience. If you’re in a competitive industry and feel as though you need to remain professional and serious with your advertisements, consider a different approach. Make your company fun and entertaining and your brand will be much more likely to stand out and be remembered.


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