5 Ingredients to Creating an Effective Ad

Like any straight forward recipe, if you really try hard enough, you can always find a way to muck it up – and just like actual ingredients, too much can be just as detrimental as too little. The key to crafting a successful ad is to create a blend of different advertising elements without too much of an emphasis on any one area. This is why we have compiled some helpful hints to understand what your ad is really doing for you.

Whilst some ads achieve success purely because of a single brilliant concept or innovative idea, there is a certain science to advertising which if adhered to, can help enhance its effectiveness.

Don’t underutilise the power of the headline

Like trying to spot a single falling droplet in a cascading waterfall, people are exposed to a crushing amount of advertisements every day. To stand out amongst the advertising flood, you need to have a hook that draws a persons’ attention and keeps it long enough to trigger the desired reaction. Using a punchy headline can serve as an effective drawcard to achieve this initial recognition.

What value are you offering the customer?

Raving on about the features of your product is good and fine, but consumers want to read the bottom line – what’s it going to give them? The best way to convey this message is to use the FAB approach (Feature, Attribute, Benefit). What’s the product – what’s it going to do – and how’s that going to benefit me? It’s this benefit which is going to interest the client and not the technical schematics of your revolutionary new blender or vacuum cleaner.

The age old favourite – the ‘call to action’

Don’t be afraid to be a little firm with your clients – tell them what you want from them. Whether this be in the form of ‘email us today’ ‘or sign up before it’s too late,’ giving your audience this sense of urgency will help spur them into affirmative action.

Break away from the flock

Perhaps the most important thing to consider with any advertisement – what makes your company so special compared to everybody else? With the market crowded with companies all claiming to be the ‘number one, premium, first class, one of a kind professionals’ out there, why should anybody pick you? This is commonly referred to as the Unique Selling Proposition and involves conveying to customers what you have to offer them that the competition cannot.

Did somebody say free?

This magic word stands out on any advertisement like a glowing beacon of all that is good and pure in this world. People love free – and they love a bargain, offer your customers an offer which they can’t say no to.

Whilst these steps alone don’t guarantee an effective advertisement, they are more than likely to enhance its overall success. The rest is up to you.


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