Nip And Tuck

We were at a party where the aim was to empty the wine cellar of a client who was moving house and was unable to take the wine collection with her. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we love to help. 

Anyway, we were only acquainted with the hosts and didn’t know a soul amongst the other 50 odd guests. We found ourselves talking shop and, just as a few people joined our circle, the host thanked Jason for correcting her nose. She was referring to her request for some photoshop action on a profile picture Jason had taken of her, but like a runaway train, word got around that Jason was a cosmetic surgeon. 

Did Jason attempt to correct the misunderstanding? Did he laugh as he graciously explained the context of the conversation. Of course not. He totally rolled with it. Indeed, not only did he go along with it, he provided free, no obligation consultations beside the Jacaranda tree, not-so-delicately suggesting nose jobs, bum implants, face lifts and more. In some cases, I think the examination might have been a little too thorough. To be fair, what can you do when a 40 year old woman, who is faithfully executing her duty to empty the wine cellar, inspects your hands, exclaims that they look like surgeon's hands and then thrusts those fine hands across her breasts, to properly demonstrate the depth of her augmentation needs. 

It was a short lived, but illustrious, medical career, given up only when the cellar was finally bare. 


13 December 2017


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