That Time We Shifted Time

This week WTTF took a jump to the left and then a step to the ri ri ri right, when we launched our first WallE. Jason is now referring to himself in the third person as ‘The Time Lord, Master of the Fourth Dimension’.

Let’s take a step back in time so I can explain. You see, some of our clients have been getting excited about timelapse video and, why not? It’s so groovy to, like, literally, watch a project unfold over time. So, we commissioned our first timewarp trailer, ‘WallE’. He was delivered last week and we’re as happy as Larry. Jason would probably describe it in more technical terms but, in everyday language, it’s a towable trailer with its own telescopic, pole, arm thingie, that can be stretched a little or a long way up in the air, with a camera, a SIM card, and a solar panel. It’s cool-as bro.

The first health, safety and environment risk assessment was completed and WallE is already hard at work on a site near Dalby. He’s fully programmable to fit the project but, for this first assignment, he sends a picture home every 15 minutes during daylight hours. He’ll be deployed there for many months and, by the end, we’ll have a ripper time warp video. It’s already looking very cool.

WallE2 will soon be in production and, if ‘The Time Lord, Master of the Fourth Dimension’ can make some time, we’ll launch a boutique website for your planning pleasure: I’m thinking you’ll want a ‘Where’s WallE?’ page, so you can move on from train spotting and get hooked on checking in on WallE (it’s strangely cathartic). Anyway, pricing, approvals and deployment will be a cinch. Cost will be $100 per day to have WallE capturing your construction project, mining development, mining rejuvenation, event or whatever ‘passing of time’ project you can imagine. Deployment to site, (including HSE and other approvals) and editing are costed specifically for the location and project.

So, are you in? OK. You know what you need to do….put your hands on your hips and move your knees in time.



30 April 2018


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