Getting Mobile with Your Advertising Campaign

Pat you pockets down right now. Odds are, you’ve got a smartphone in one of them or it’s close by. If not – are you literally insane?? What if you’ve got a Facebook friend request or Instagram follow going unreturned?? Talk about committing social suicide. With the rise of the smartphone, there has come an epidemic of downward facing heads as people everywhere have become glued to the screens of their phone.

With campaigns emerging to encourage people to look up from their precious smartphones every once in a while, it’s a wonder not more companies have woken up to take advantage of mobile advertising. When you consider the fact that a study in the US in 2014 concluded that the population spent 600 billion minutes a year using apps, there’s certainly a marketing opportunity for it.

Mobilise your marketing effort

One of the biggest advantages of using mobile technology is the ability to be in the pocket of your consumers – literally. This greater accessibility means that you don’t have to wait for your target audience to stumble across your billboard or log onto the internet. You can access them wherever they are through SMS notifications and in app advertisements.

Timely advertisements maximise impact

An online ad for a sale in one week’s time may go forgotten by the average consumer, but a mobile notification promoting a sale on the day is more likely to spur your customer into action. Companies who utilise mobile marketing have a unique ability to advertise in real time and maximise the efficiency of their intended message.

Did we mention it’s cheap?

As your collective heads whip in the same direction to the musical note of this word, consider the fact that mobile marketing is just a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and can potentially reach many more people. It also allows you to trial mobile ads to gauge effectiveness before progressing to more expensive mobile promotions.

Location, location, location

If you’re really savvy with your marketing, you’ll be able to take advantage of local searches to ensure your ad comes up first when a consumer punches in a particular search, depending on their area. This can be effective for restaurants and bars who want to draw in local consumers without blowing their budget on an expansive promotional campaign.

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