Quality Corporate Video Production Brisbane

EA TVC V2 final (no clapper) from WTTF on Vimeo.

Beef 2015 (Final) Web from WTTF on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for a creative-minded and professional Brisbane video production company, why would you look elsewhere?

Why choose us as your videographer?

We’re proven in our craft, and have worked with countless different clients from all types of industries to come together and create fantastic results.

Our portfolio of past work shows just how versatile we are, creating all types of corporate video production in Brisbane and a myriad of other video formats, also.

Choosing the right videographer in Brisbane can be confusing, so in your search be sure to consider the following:

Does the company have more than just expensive equipment?

Of course quality equipment is important to get the highest quality shots, but that’s not everything they should have. Make sure when you speak to them that they’re comfortable brainstorming and generating original ideas and content. You shouldn’t have to hold their hand in the creative process – you’re paying them to take care of it.

Do they have proof of work?

When you’re looking for a videographer, you need to be able to confirm that their solutions for past clients have been original and not the same old idea. Ask them for examples of past work – if they can’t provide it you should be wary as to why.

Do they share your vision?

No matter how big or small your Brisbane video production job is, there should be a mutual determination and excitement in its creation. When passion is lacking, generally so does the quality of work.

Trust your gut

When you meet and greet with video production companies, you’ll get a feel of how they work, and whether you think they’ll be a good fit for your project. Usually, your instinct is right, so go with it.

At Welcome to the Fold, we are proud to be not just an advertising agency but also an experienced Brisbane videographer company. We can work with you to create original corporate video or any other types of video you’re in need of.

If you have any questions about how we can make your video production one in a million, please call us today on 07 3056 0211 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We’re committed to creating the best video for you, corporate or otherwise, and will work with you from start to finish; concept creation to post-production.

Fire Ant Identification (Web) FINAL from WTTF on Vimeo. QTC Recruitment Video (Final) from WTTF on Vimeo.