World Science Festival

The World Science Festival Brisbane explores and celebrates the entanglement of science and art through a curated program of thought-provoking conversations, inspiring theatrical and cinematic experiences, interactive workshops and engaging demonstrations. There was a mind blowing array of offerings, and it was our job to share these via daily wrap videos, social posts and the final promotional video that you see here. The problem was that the presentations were so darn engaging, that it was torturous for WTTF crew to break away from one experience to capture other exhibits and workshops. One crew member, who admitted to "not even being into science stuff”, had to be forcibly removed from a session about Einsteins’s theory and gravitational waves. He likened his experience of capturing the five day festival, to reading the first half of the best 50 books of his life, and having to move on before finishing any of them. He’s now Facebook friends with Physicist Professor Brian Greene (a festival founder) and has already applied for leave for next year. Hashtag, need another sound technician. 


QLD Museum


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