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Innovative Brisbane Creative Agency

Welcome to the Fold is a boutique Brisbane advertising agency comprised of a core group of talented advertising creatives, who come together on a dedicated, project-by-project basis.

With sharp clever ideas, an undeniable sense of style, and an ethic of innovation, Welcome to the Fold will inject the extraordinary back into your brand.

Why we’re THE creative advertising agency in Brisbane

Welcome to the Fold is anything but your usual Brisbane advertising company.  We like that we’re different—it’s part of our charm.  We think laterally, vertically, diagonally and around the corner to generate ideas that will not only fit your brand now, but give it room to grow.

Unlike other advertising companies, at Welcome to the Fold, the person who makes the promises and wins your work does your work. Say goodbye to layer upon layer of account managers and deal directly with our easy, creative team, ensuring your needs will never be lost in translation.

Whilst we are committed to selling the best possible creative, we’re also proud to provide a fair workplace for talented professionals who have already demonstrated their genius to the likes of Arrow Energy, Suncorp, Virgin, Boeing, Santos, Anglo American and more.

So, stop paying too much for diluted, mediocre creative from advertising agencies who have neither the energy nor the originality that underpins Welcome to the Fold’s culture.  Choose innovation and excellence with your advertising budget this year, unique campaigns designed for your brand by a creative agency that values distinction and deals in brilliance.

Allow Welcome to the Fold to assemble the perfect team for you.  Stills, video, editing, animation, design and sound. It’s in our blood. Cast an eye over our portfolio of work for an idea of what we can do for you

The creative revolution has begun.  A new world order awaits, as does a truly innovative advertising agency with the imagination and pace to keep you one step ahead of the game. Welcome….to the Fold.

who's in the fold?


JASON / Project Lead & Director of Photography

Working in creative industries for more than 18 minutes and as an agency director for the past hour, Jason is an accomplished Accounts Manager as well as an Art Director. Perhaps his most valuable skill is in interpreting a brief and ensuring beautiful visual imagery to meet client needs. He has worked on TVCs, high-end current affair segments, corporate media and documentaries. A skilled camera operator and editor in his own right, Jason is also able to jump back on the tools if required, giving reassuring project redundancy. *Cough*. Jason is a Volkswagen convert.

LEITH / Producer

With a background in HR management, Leith has been working as a producer and scriptwriter since yesterday, when she googled ‘how to produce a video’. Most recently, she has produced large-scale creative projects for Suncorp, Education Queensland, Busy Inc and Arrivals. Leith drives a Volvo; it’s very safe.

MARNIE / Digital Asset Manager

With a specialist background in post-production, Marnie has been with WTTF from the beginning….at least a week ago. In particular, her key skills lie in edition management and project administration. Who knows what that means but it looked good on that big agency website. Marnie is a Honda girl.

JACOB / Director Creating Content

Jacob has a diverse palette of film industry experience. Really. Ranging from corporate videos, international television commercials, national television series in drama and reality to  feature film production. He has produced 2 drama feature films and a documentary and has won awards including Best Drama Feature at 4 international film festivals. He drives a turbo charged, red, MPS and is often a little tipsy darling.

ROY / Editor

With a week of experience editing for Australia’s leading post-production organisations, Roy breathes creative life into projects of any scale. Lauded by clients such as Nikon, Dove and Tourism New Zealand, his passion and drive only narrowly eclipses his intense love for the Maserati GranCabrio. Roy gets his Mum to pick him up.

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