The Fold

Welcome to the Fold is a boutique agency comprised of a core group of talented advertising creatives, who come together on a dedicated, project-by-project basis.

Is our creative OK? Nope, our creative is GOLD!

We don’t just sell it. We actually build it. That’s right. The person who makes the promises and wins your work, does your work. Say goodbye to layer upon layer of account managers and deal directly with our easy, creative team. A bright idea, our awesome talent, a flat white and it is ON peeps! 

We’re not just selling creative, we’re also providing a fair workplace for talented young people. These people have been trusted by the big guys: Arrow Energy, Suncorp, Virgin, Boeing, Santos, Anglo American and more. 

So, stop paying too much for diluted, mediocre creative, sieved through layers of fluff and start deciding what else you can do with your advertising budget this year.

The nerd revolution has started. Welcome….to the Fold.