I Did It My Way: WTTF And Mass Personalisation

Lately I’ve realised that, what they’ve been saying in business broadsheets and new wave, managerial texts, is actually true this time. Adjust your shoulder pads peeps and open your Filofax, because you’re going to want to write this down: mass personalisation is a thing. A real thing. 

I recently sent my Pony (2016 Mustang) to the stable (panel beater) for matte black stripes. I like the look of matte paint but, really, it was all about stamping the car as uniquely mine, all mine (insert maniacal laugh). I LOVE it. Sure, it’s a mass produced car with all that goes with that, but now it’s personal. Doesn’t it look hot AF? (I might have also swapped out the muffler for a noisier one, but that’s another story). 

I felt so good about my iPony, that it got me thinking about the other personalised experiences I’m up for, and I realised I’m gravitating towards it more and more. You might have noticed I dig cool t-shirts. I’ve now found a local place that prints whatever tag I want on my shirtfronts, and boy, haven’t I had some fun with that. But, it’s more than just your initials, stamped in gold, on your Paco Rabanne wallet or embroidered in the corner of your towel. It’s also personalising the experience itself. My favourite restaurant, Billykart Kitchen, holds table 15 for me whenever I book. They know it’s my spot and I don’t even have to ask. They greet me by name. It makes me feel all gooey inside. Like, I don’t know, a person not a number.

Then, I turned my razor sharp mind, my discerning intellect, to reflect on WTTF. What personalisation do we offer? I guess, in the creative industries, the solutions are always tailored. Each brief has its own landscape, its own KPIs, its own look and feel. So the product is inherently personalised but, what I think we also offer, is the unique experience of working with us. The Jason, Gina, Greg, Roy, Ani, Dan  (did I mention Jason?) ’experience'.  I’m naturally a ‘people person’, or, in on-trend, managerial lingo, I have good 'soft skills'. I’m drawn to people and their story and I like to have fun while I’m working. Fortuitously, it enhances the end product too. So, that’s our personalisation. It’s ME. It’s always about me. You’re very welcome. ;)


05 November 2018


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