WTTF Wrap On The Royal Wedding

Well, it was the social invitation of the year, maybe even of the half decade. An invitation so exclusive that many of the world’s most famous ‘it couples’ missed out. There was no Brangelina, no Ellen and Portia and no Barnaby and Vicki in sight. But do you know who was there? LeJay was there. Oh. Yes. We. Were.

We’re sorry we couldn’t tell you, but we were strictly forbidden from revealing the details. I think our phones were even tapped because, a few times, when I picked up, I’m sure I heard Moneypenny in the background. Whilst we’re giving our apologies, I should also say we feel terrible about all that palaver about being booked out. I’m sure you understand, it was our best cover.

Meghan asked Jason to shoot the wedding. It was all set. But then, Harry stepped in and said “No!”. Emphatically, “NO!”.  He wanted us, as friends, to relax and enjoy the festivities. Besides, he’s seen how Jason pulls apart rooms to engineer ‘clean’ backgrounds, and that might not have gone down so well at the Castle.

We did help out a little. You see, I made Meghan my famous lemon cake last time they visited and she loved it. Ate two whole pieces she did. Insisted on having the recipe and, bob’s your uncle, royal wedding cake. Boom.

Of course, the biggest dilemma was what to wear. Over the years, we’ve accumulated many morning outfits, (albeit, mostly gym attire and UGG boots) but we wanted something fresh and new for this morning shindig. Something that said summer and castle and love and something that made me look better than that Amal. But, of course, it needed to be elegant and understated. Eventually, I settled on a long, high-necked, navy frock. It was so very Posh. I couldn’t stop grinning.

I’d love to reveal more but we’re sworn to secrecy. A few people have doubted our claims, (jealousy seriously brings out the worst in friends), so I’ve included some pictures here.

Anyway, enough royal smoozing. It’s time to get back to work. Ask us about our suite of post-production (Photoshop) services. You won’t be disappointed.


30 July 2018


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