Wanna be this guy? This could be your chance to get in the fold.

I’m hiring an assistant. Here's the ad. Have a read. 


I'd prefer to recruit someone whose attitude/style fits with my business, so, I’m not particularly worried about your previous experience or current skill set; if you are motivated, there is ample opportunity to learn on the job. It’s normally a fulltime role but, due to COVID, it’s running at about 25 hours per week; I anticipate that will change in coming months and so I need someone who is readily available and able to commit; you won’t be able to share the role with a full-time university commitment. Our operations can happen at any time of the day or night, and, in ordinary times, we travel for at least a few days most months. It’s a high energy role. We try not to work on weekends, and we nearly always rest between Christmas Day and Australia Day.


The following are essential:


  • Motivation to make my day easier; I operate at a high pace, and I need someone who can anticipate what I need, show initiative and move with urgency to make things work for the crew, our clients and I;


  • An outgoing personality so you can build rapport and chat respectfully and easily with people from all backgrounds;


  • Physical fitness/strength so you can carry and pack cameras, sound equipment, lights etc;


  • An interest in developing/using more advanced skills like producing a campaign, writing scripts and sound capture;


  • Desire to also do more menial tasks, like running out for coffee or lunch;


  • A desire to bring fun to the workday, so that the client enjoys the shoot, (and we do too);


  • A ‘can-do’, solution focussed approach to work;


  • Good presentation; our dress code is typically jeans and a tee and I need you to be clean so that you can work closely with others;


  • Queensland driver’s licence so that you can drive our work van;


  • Integrity because we sometimes capture sensitive material or work in sensitive environments;


  • The ability to comply with safety rules in a range of work environments, including mining sites;


  • A commitment to be responsive to texts about work or work changes;


  • The ability to be ‘phone appropriate’; so you can put it away when on set and just check it during breaks;


  • A blue card (or the ability to get one).


  • Green tick COVID vaccination because most of my clients have mandated that we must be vaccinated to work on their sites.


Given that work has been disrupted by COVID, the role is currently casual. Payment is in accordance with the required award and is better than industry standard; superannuation is also paid as appropriate. Remuneration will be discussed at interview.


As an employer, I offer a fair workplace, integrity, clear communication, fun, on-the-job training, exposure to creative work and an interest in you as a person. My current offsider tells me 3 times each week that she loves her job…she has only just left to take up a dream job with the BBC. She stayed 1 year and had a teaching/marketing background. The assistant before stayed 3 years and had a military background with no relevant production experience. She displayed a willingness to learn, high energy and an easy rapport with people. It is not essential that you hail from a production background.


Before you apply, please check out my website, (the campaigns, the blog etc), so you get a sense of what it is we do and our style. Then, please send me a one-page email telling me why/how you’d be a good fit. Alternatively, make a 30 second video explaining why you’d be a good fit and email me that instead. 

Sound like you? Send me an email and let's get at it: jason@wttf.com.au 




27 April 2022


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