A Day In The Life

As a parent of 3 kids, I am required to see all the superhero movies. Mostly, that’s a good thing but Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman actually made me love my children a little less. Likewise, I couldn’t bring myself to watch a Bond film with Pierce Brosnan after GoldenEye but enter Daniel Craig and I’m there, popcorn at the ready. That’s the power of casting. This series of cinema ads work because of the ‘talent’ who were cast. Our client, Arrow Energy, wanted to showcase the variety of roles they have on offer, the diverse backgrounds of their teams and the adventures available when you work in an emerging industry, geographically dispersed in locations across the state. During pre-production we spent a significant amount of time identifying people with an engaging story to tell and writing timed scripts to faithfully reflect those stories. We helped them to relax on set and, ultimately, they shared their experiences with warmth and humility, rendering the final products imminently relatable. Boom. Not a skerrick of Affleck Batman cringe in sight.


Arrow Energy


Our role: