California For Families

This was that dream video. The one that lets you and your family travel to an iconic destination, with a totes hip airline, in lie flat beds and has you writing #blessed on every Insta post. When the brief is fly Air New Zealand to California and show everyone what a great family holiday can look like, trust us, it’s a fist pump, winner-winner-chicken-dinner kind of moment. And, there’s no doubt that biking the Golden Gate, skiing Mammoth, lightsabering on Tatooine and finishing up with Disneyland, provides no shortage of cracker vision, but that’s not what makes this video work. If you ask us 3 components come together to take this from good to gold: palpable emotion, clever editing and the perfect choice of music, are the secret ingredients here. So, what’s the moral of the story?  A great location or subject isn’t enough, it’s just a start (and a lie flat bed helps too).


Air NZ


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