Paintball Just Got Real

I’m not going to lie. This job was a little ripper from start to finish. Spec Ops Paintball gave us a blank page and we designed the concept and then created all the content, from design, to stills and the video. Here at WTTF, we often help our clients define their brand through real life narratives, but we also really enjoy developing fully creative campaigns like this one. For starters, all those hours spent bingeing Netflix are suddenly fully defensible as ‘research’. We built a story around mounting a hostage extraction and we went straight to guns with the special effects; a smoke machine. You’ve hit the big time when you use a smoke machine! Ultimately, the products are enticing. The video has more than 100 000 hits on youtube and bookings spiked after its release. We’ve just re-cut it for cinema advertising so, the next time you see it, it’ll be on the big screen.


Spec Ops Paintball


Our role: