Global Corporate Challenge

QUT has a long history of supporting staff to do the GCC, a 100 day ‘be-more-active' challenge and, over the years, it has changed lives. So, in 2016, they decided to make a video to share the spirit of the event. All good right? Well, mostly good. The downside was that we arrived on scene when the horse had bolted and the 100 days  was well and truly over. Sure, we could have recreated some walking, swimming, and gym shots, but that wouldn’t have felt authentic. So, our challenge was to make an engaging video, with people talking about their experience, but with no regular B roll (the action shots between talking shots) to use as cut points. We came up with the concept you see here and we think it works really well. It’s all studio based and the B roll is ‘created' on set, as staff talk, laugh and act out their challenge adventures. Using question prompts helped to guide the talent and create themes and keeping our lighting rig in shot gave an intimate, behind-the-scenes feel. Yep, that’s right…we like to help.




Our role: