Suncorp Concept Store

One of our young editors has a flare for animation as well as a talent in stalking airline websites and nabbing ridiculously cheap airfares to somewhere…anywhere. He once flew to America with Virgin for less than $200 return, a system glitch that was available for only a few short minutes, during which time he managed to book himself and 4 mates. When this animation came in, there was a tight delivery timeframe - quite reasonable given it related to the opening of a new concept store. An email to the young editor revealed he’d unexpectedly secured extraordinarily priced flights to Greece and was sunning himself in Santorini. He'd already spent quite a lot of money on Ouzo and women, so he was ready to complete the job, nomad style. A friend of a friend of a friend found a key to his Brisbane apartment and plugged in a hard drive. Our digital nomad logged in and, wallah, the work was completed to brief and on time, and the client was happy. This is the new world of work my friends.




Our role: